Meet Teenage Rapper Lil Poopy

Who Is Lil Poopy?

Luis Rivera Jr, aka Lil poopy was born on the 13th of February 2003 in Brockton in the US and is an afro American. His parents are Luis Rivera and Jatoy Rivera. As young as he is, he has always lived his life on his own terms, his character so far hasn’t been influenced by anything.

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Not much is known about his educational background but it is believed he attended the local elementary school in Brockton and graduated. He is also attending a local high school in Massachusetts but his education is halted for now cause he is more focused on his rapping career.

His family is very well known in Brockton because of their high class in society. Lil Poopy’s family has always supported his dreams and as such, there is little or no added pressure on him as they provide him with the emotional and financial support he needs. His father however tries to convince him to go through school, as he is the only child of the Rivera family.

Lil Poopy’s Career

The name Lil poopy became a thing when his dad would try so hard to change his son’s behavior but instead, Luis would poop on his hand. The rapper is always in the news for his awkward behavior as a teenager, seen with women way past his age, drugs, And guns in videos.

He made his debut video in 2012 ‘Pop That Remix’ which warranted many to see him as one of the prominent rappers to come. He was criticized for it saying it contained explicit content and strong language, his father was also prosecuted for child abuse, the charges were dropped, however.

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That didn’t kill the little rapper’s spirit, he has even futures in French Montana’s music video as a coke boy. It is also believed he has gone on a 36 state tour with one of his rapper friends. He also released a video, “Lil poopy getting it in” which was removed from YouTube for no clear reason. He has also featured in Rick Ross’s “Stay schemin” in which he rapped. In early 2016, Luis participated in The Lifetime Show. Even though he didn’t win, he became rather famous amongst fans and later signed a four-year deal with Sony.

His Net worth

His income comes mainly from his mixtapes and some rap songs. Luis Rivera Jr is worth about 350000 USD

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