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As business owners ourselves, we know how exhaustive it can be to look for different vendors for different services. So if you want to get online, are already online and need anything done – simply call at Toll Free 1-800-443-1428 / Email: What we suggest is – Call Now – we quickly go through what you require, propose you what we’ll do and if all good we start like next day. Internet is all about being agile, or you usually miss the bus.
We build custom mobile & web applications, e-commerce platforms, as well as offer digital marketing and app maintenance services for our clients. Metascope works closely with you every step of the way to help turn your ideas into the next great application. Some of our clients include global leaders such as TATA GLOBAL.

  • Digital Marketing/SEO

    Our commerce team is ready to promote, build, maintain, or optimize your website to help you achieve the sales and click-throughs you're aiming for. We do reputation management on Google too. Our industry-leading SEO Company in Vancouver Canada empowers all-size businesses through our Best SEO Service in Vancouver. We value innovative digital marketing and SEO tactics from keyword research, SMO to content writing that client need to stand in 21st century.

  • Web Design & Development

    Our Web design and development teams are powerhouses when it comes to design, modern user interface, W3C Web Standards, page-load speed, and performance optimization. We are experts in state-of-the-art website design and development. Our team works delicately to design the creative, mobile-friendly and tailor-made website that is completely secure, easy to navigate and make your business a success.

  • Mobile & Web Apps

    Our mobile team builds top-quality applications from the ground, up. This team specializes in IOS, Apple Watch OS, & Android operating systems. And we are lucky to have some of the top talents work with us. We at Metascope develop the app that your customers are looking for. Our full stack mobile and web app development is highly appreciated for enterprises and user-centric quality applications that client love. We have deep platform expertise for Apple Watch OS, Android operating systems, and IOS.

About Metascope Software Inc

Metascope Software is a global, mobile-first software company specializing in web development, ERP cloud solutions, and mobile applications for medium and large enterprises. With a talented team of developers, designers, consultants and marketing specialists, we are well-positioned to deliver a quality product on time and on budget regardless of size and scope.

Business-Case Studies

  • Retail Process Management

    An auditing application that enables location audits to be conducted on mobile devices and instantly available for processing and analysis from any browser in the cloud.

    Inventory Management

    An end-to-end solution to manage SKUs, Prices, Accounts, Quotes, Invoice, Vendors, Sales/Purchase Orders and Inventory.

    Customer & Employee Surveys

    Online marketing surveys to gather data from the target customers. Based on the data collected, various intelligent reports can give valuable outputs that provide great insights for future company strategies.

Want to hire us?

Whether you just need a static website for your business, a mobile application, or fully customized ERP solutions for your company, reach out to us.

Why work with us?

Metascope has top-quality software products that will fit your company’s working style. We are focussed on customer service, support and quality user experiences. We work along side you every step of the way to ensure you get exactly the software solutions your company needs to thrive.

The Metascope teams include a mobile app team, web app team, back-end information architects, designers and a solid digital marketing team. We operate in multiple time-zones which enables us to be working on your project around the clock.

Both! We have a dedicated team working on our ERP and education products as well as teams dedicated to custom applications and IT services to suit companies specific needs.

We are committed to buiding exactly the software features that you need. After we gather your requirements, we will be able to give you a closer indication of cost and timeline.

On top of your new software, you will get friendly, prompt client service and an excellent level of tech support with your new applications. We can also provide your company with short or long-term, full or part-time IT staff on contract.

The cost to a company of using outdated or incompatible software is often overlooked. There is also an opportunity cost to not having a modern, simple user interface and intelligent data management. When your users like it, your data improves.

Depending on the size and scope of your project, we can deliver a core set of features and work in weekly iterations to ensure that you can test and evaluate along the way.

We support all of our software with an included 1 month of minor changes and up to 3 months of bug fixes. We can also offer your company affordable part-time IT support staff depending on your needs.

The next thing for you to do is email or call us and we can arrange a time to learn about your requirements and give you an idea of the time and resources it will take to complete.

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